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All SETS described as new, are NEW and Sealed!

All parts described as new are NEW and never been used! They may have only minor scratches that occur from handling and transport, identical to those of factory Sets.

IMPORTANT: We may not differentiate some part's mold Variations. For example if you order part 3794 you may receive part 3794b or vice versa. This is not a particular case and is happening with some other parts too. Changes between this mold´s are mostly insignificant, but if you look for a specific part mold, please ask for.

Sets and parts that have been used at least one time, are described as USED.

All prices are quoted in Euro.

Payments must be made at least 5 days after the invoice emited.

As humans we sometimes make mistakes, before placing negative feedback please communicate by email. We will always find a solution.

As a seller, I will only post feedback after your feedback. Im sure you understand that it is not fair to receive feedback, without posting to the others also.

I am pleased to respond at any questions or doubts that you may have. Forward your questions to: mardosul@gmail.com

I check my email daily, so all responses are usually fast.

We accept payments by IBAN and Paypal. Paypal is available only for orders up to 100 Eur. Also please consider more 5% of the total order when using Paypal.

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